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How To Setmine Preflop | Poker Swift Plays

This poker video clip was produced by for Too many gamers make the error of setmining too frequently preflop. In…
Video clip Rating: 5 / 5

Mia Mulder plays video poker

Mother performs movie poker at Harvey’s Lake Tahoe on twelve/19/13.
Movie Ranking: five / 5

Esposa Plays “Jacks Or Greater” Receives four Of A Sort, 7s, @Foxwoods Casino, 7/2/fourteen

Recorded in the summer time 2014. Lots going on: Sick a month ago. Dad died previous summer time. My adoptive mom is in nursing property. So-called “sister” is a heroin add…
Movie Ranking: / 5

Bellissimo effetto ideato da Darwin Ortiz, presentazione di Diego Allegri (canale di Sezione Aurea)

Poker – Moldran Plays & Wins Tournament set/moldran 16:40 A10 vs AK 18:forty AK vs 99 24:twenty five A9 vs KJ 32:13 AQ vs JJ 33:fifty eight AK vs AQ (last spot atm) 35:50 KK vs Q7 36:25 AK vs K10 43:forty eight KK…

Poker lesson 19: Five unusual(but excellent) match plays by Roy Winston

Earnings with no investment (guide OCR)!!!
Movie Score: five / five

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