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Slotland Jackpot Loosens Up, Creates Second Winner in a Month

Slotland Jackpot Loosens Up, Produces Second Winner in a Month

Significantly less than a thirty day period following their final big progressive jackpot winner, the jackpot has previously been hit yet again. A player identified as MARMOTLU…
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FREE Three Card Poker @ Treasure Island Jackpots

Perform Genuine Cash cost-free Cell and ONLNE casino video games at…

HogWild Poker Leading Hog Month to month Invitational Winners for March 2013

How did your League’s Team do?? Be confident and congratulate the Top 5 People as properly as the Best League Crew. to be compensated out to the top five finishers …

The 12 Months of Dating:double video poker

video poker guide12 Months of Dating music video Special thanks to my brother Jonathan, Kevin Lien, and my girlfriend Cindy for putting up with me while I cobbled this mess together. Listen to Kevin’s music below at: – – – – – Song: The 12 Months of Dating Written by: Frank Hwang (That’s me!) Performed by: Frank Hwang, Jonathan Hwang, Kevin Lien, Cindy In the first month of dating my girlfriend wants from me A note telling her that shes sweet In the second month of dating my girlfriend wants from me A hand written poem and a hug and a kiss on the cheek In the third month of dating my girlfriend wants from me 2 matching rings nice dinner date and to see her at least three times a week In the fourth month of dating my girlfriend wants from me Listen to her cry Tell her its alright Take her to the beach And call her every day of the week In the fifth month of dating my girlfriend wants from me To meet my family! Take her out to shop A hundred bucks a pop Hold the bags and walk And not complain when shes inside her stores In the sixth month of dating my girlfriend wants from me Five dozen eggs Im roughly the size of a barge! Shower every day Cut back on game play See her every day Pay attention to what she has to say In the seventh month of dating my girlfriend wants from me No more wearing sweats Thinking about regrets Throw out my favorite tee Shopping twice a week Buy me a new shirt Collars, thats a first And no more flip flops unless were going to the beach In the eighth free online video poker

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