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500 subscriber Raffle!! And my 14th birthday!:casino video slots

videos slotsHey everyone! This is a video describing our raffle for all my loyal subscribers! Below are the rules! =) 1. You MUST be subscribed to enter. And no unsubscribing once the raffle is over! haha 2. If you want to enter, simply say “enter me” or something to that extent as a comment on this video! =D 3. You automatically get ONE slot for saying “enter me.” If you want FIVE MORE SLOTS, you can do 1 of 3 things, you can either; Send me free cards! (preferred, especially ANY from our wants list *hint hint* haha), Send us some artwork you did for me (we appreciate art =D), OR you may do a video promoting me. If you happen to do ALL 3 things, you get FIFTEEN EXTRA SLOTS! 4.The raffle goes on for TWO weeks, starting tomorrow (august 7th) Don’t miss out on this raffle! Thanks so much to everyone who’s helped us get recognized as fast as we did! Our appreciation is HUGE for all you guys! Much Love, Antuonkifree flash video slots

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