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Frankie Laine – Deuces Wild:deuces wild game

deuces are wild videoThis is the title song from his 2d to last album for Columbia. Frankie made some very good Albums in the final years at Columbia. I can’t say the same for the singles he was deuces wild video poker

Aerosmith – Deuces Are Wild:deuces wild poker game

deuces are wild videoArtist: Aerosmith Name: Deuces Are Wild Album: Big Ones Track: #10 Lyrics: I love to look into your big brown eyes They talk to me and seem to hypnotize You say the things nobody dares to say And Im not about to let you fly away My lover with no jet lag Stayin up all night in the sleepin bag You got a heart-beatin rhythm from the subterrain I really love you little girl, I dont need to explain I love you ’cause your deuces are wild, girl Like a double shot of lovin so fine I been lovin you since you was a child, girl ’cause you and me is two of a kind Like deja vu I feel like Ive been here Or somewhere else but youve been always near Its you thats in my dreams Im beggin for But I woke up when someone slammed the door So hard I fell out of bed Screamin mamas little baby loves shortnin bread And the moral of the story, I can testify I get stoned on you girl, thats the best reason why I love you cause your deuces are wild, girl Like a double shot of lovin so fine I been lovin you since you was a child, girl ’cause you and me is two of a kind THIS SONG, ITS LYRICS AND ITS ALBUM COVER DONT BELONG TO ME IN ANY WAY. I JUST UPLOADED IT FOR YOU GUYS TO LISTEN TO AND ENJOY IT. THIS SONG BELONGS TO AEROSMITH FROM THEIR ALBUM BIG ONES 1994. RATE, COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE ROCK/METAL OR OTHER COOL VIDEOS!free deuces wild video poker

Cormega Freestyle Nas Diss:bonus deuces wild

deuces wild poker gamesThe beat is Notorious BIG’s “I Love The Dough” Lyrics i start my day off high you got your own dick stay off mine ya season over kid its playoff time ya whole fam is fake, stop trying to touch me you gay rapping candidate, ya niggas dont hold weight im real like my man spank, my nigga george might hit you with the four and i exist where bitch niggas stay no more by the way, yo my albums called say no more so when you hear it, compare it to yours, i swear this, shit so raw, you niggas cant come near this i write a rhyme mellow, and symbolize five boroughs of live ghetto niggas who rise and die thourogh what you know about this drug game, you never hustled what you know about this thug game, you never stumble see you cross me at a time, when i really did love you im wild, cause thats my style, but deep inside, i never fucked you, now its clear no love, if you died, i wouldnt shed a tear real niggas do real things, what can one eexpect from one who never repped or had a complex cause niggas used to say i was the best the past is gone, the futures born some tried to flashe the deuces on now as an I pay respect to can and throw my pumas on check it out, i bought a lex with no record out im just about sick of your subliminal shit, shut your mouth criminal flick, niggas get hit, an individual snitch i hold the cards and I aint dealin you shit i dont know what got you gassed up, but send you girl my regards tell her take my polo draws out your hamper you my man muthafucka, lets free deuces wild video poker

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