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NiskayunaNY_Police_Maneuver.avi:video poker slots

best video slotsPlease sign Petition On May 2nd, Monday around 5pm, in Niskayuna, NY 12309, I was taking my 8yr son to his weekly Tae Kwon Do class. After making a left on Knott St onto Balltown rd heading toward Rt-7 I noticed two vehicles both already on the centered emergency yellow lane, the Niskayuna white police SUV with flashing strobe directing a brownish sedan, head lights on. The police SUV and brown vehicle turned left across traffic into a small parking lot Mall situated at the intersection of Nott and Balltown. It is odd they chose to cut across the road instead of pulling off immediately to their right into any of numerous available commercial drive ins. Even more odd to see both police SUV and brown vehicle nearly come to stop at the neck of the entrance/exit ramp blocking access to traffic. You’ll need to look carefully, almost at the last frame, how the brown vehicle, after crawling along, comes to a full stop at the corner of the ramp.. After several encounters with Niskayuna Police Sergeant, who clearly indicated by her previous actions I am the target, this maneuver was for me to take note. After my son’s class we’re driving back home, around 7pm, on Balltown Rd, and approaching the same small Mall on the left, the video will briefly zoom into that direction to highlight the mouth of the entrance/exit ramp. I saw two civilian SUVs parked side by side facing the same direction pointing toward the road. Both were parked at the first two available free flash video slots

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