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Dead Space 2 – All Suits:video games slots

new video slotsThese are all the suits that you can find in the game this video excludes the DLC suits except the collectors edition zealot suit. The Elite Advanced suit kept disappearing in the store so the is no suit animation for it. complete the game to unlock the Riot Armor Suit at the store and the Elite Engineer Suit schematic near the first store. Start a new game session to get the Elite Vintage Suit in Chapter 6 When Ellie and Stross has to open the CEC doors by some suits along the wall. The Elite Security Suit in Chapter 9 After you get off the tram with Ellie the the first time it is right when you walk out to your right and over the railing on the floor. The Elite Advance Suit in Chapter 11 directly after the elevator sequence when the necromorphs jump onto the elevator when up top turn around and it is on a walkway. Engineering suit- 10 inventory slots and 5% armor. Elite Engineering suit- 15% increase in health restored by med packs, 25 inventory slots and 25% armor. Riot Security suit- WEAPON BONUS: contact beam receives a 10% bonus to damage, 25 inventory slots and 25% armor. Security suit- WEAPONS BONUS: pulse rifle receives a 5% bonus to damage, 15 inventory slots and 10% armor. Elite Security suit- WEAPON BONUS: 15% damage to javelin gun, 25inventory slots and 25% armor. Vintage suit- STORE DISCOUNT: items at store are discounted 10%, 20 inventory slots and 15% armor. Elite Vintage suit- STORE DISCOUNT: 15% discount on purchases at the store, 25 inventory slots and fun slots

Mass Effect Glitch- Equip Any Armor:online video slot

online casino video slotsHigh Quality version: Extremely easy to do and you *will* have all it’s stats. I did this with Garrus because he cannot wear Heavy Colossus X at all, as proof since that armor is grayed out. **This works for everyone, even yourself** Try it. The video may go a little too fast so here are the steps: 1. Go to your Armor list. 2. Locate the Armor you want to wear. 3. From the bottom of the list, count up to your Armor. Remember the number. 4. Press X to go to your Upgrades. 5. This is the tricky part, from here press Y then quickly press and _hold_ A. (Right when you press Y, press and hold A like a millisecond later. The screen will show lots of weird slots on top if done right) 6. You’ll get the “turn into omni-gel” screen but get taken back to the armor list. 7. Choose No to remove the screen and go all the way to the bottom of the list. 8. From the bottom, count up to where your Armor would be. 9. Equip, then choose Yes. 10. Done!slots online

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