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All The Card Counting Techniques And Mit Card Counting Strategies You Have Ever Wanted To Know!

Card Counting is for the player to be able to determine when is the best time to play maximum bets.

In the game of Blackjack the payout for getting Blackjack, natural 21, is paid higher then normally when one beats the dealer.

In order to take advantage of this payout, card counting players will make bigger bets when the deck has a higher probability of getting natural Blackjack 21. This happens when the deck has more cards with the value of 10 and together with many Aces left.

Card counting is seriously for serious people! Blackjack card counting is an advanced strategy that will take considerable concentration and this is why it is for serious professionals! Can you concentrate when there are beautiful women playing the cards beside you? Can you count cards when that pretty voluptuous woman is blowing smoke into your face? What happens if the loud old man is shouting at the dealer cause he is having a good run? Now, you know why.

Card Counting is a term used to describe the system you will use to keep track of whether the card shoe has more high cards, low cards or neutrals consisting of cards of 7,8 or 9.

A shoe filled with 10 value cards increases your chances of winning, while a shoe filled with lower cards increases the advantage of the house.

If you know the shoe is filled with 10 value cards, then you will want to increase your bet accordingly.

You cannot card count on public tables cause most of them use a card machine and they use strategies like skipping 3 cards (un-turned) every time a game was played.

Card counting is more suited for private tables. Which means you need to have substantial cash! Which also means that you need at least some ten to thirty thousands of cold hard cash, if you are really, really serious about making money in card counting as a professional blackjack player.

Why? Because in all gambling, it is still based on probability ratings. There will be losing streaks

and winning streaks. Can you withstand the losing streaks without letting your emotions take control? Even card counters lose tens of thousands sometimes! So please do not think you are GOD, once you have mastered the art of card counting!

It also differs in stacks of decks used. It needs a lot of mental skills and ability not to get distracted easily.

It is basically using probability ratings of which type of cards will turn out. You can see my probability ratings and videos in my resources.

One of the basic principles of playing in the casino is knowing when your luck RUNS out. You might seem to know the probability sums, but some how they cannot convert.

Sometimes, it is better to see the people who are winning. just look out for the table where the major noises are! Join them fast! Put your chips on them, because their luck is running in full steam!

Again know thyself, and give a target where for example, if you play $100 chips, get out by the $3000. Or lose the $500, whichever comes first. If you hit $3000, and the steam is still hot, well just know yourself...if the dealings for you, start to lose for 3 consecutive runs, it's time to quit! Again, do not be greedy!

So in the game of professional blackjack gaming, in order for you to learn how to count cards, and to know all its card counting techniques and MIT card counting strategies, you must know how to card count in split seconds! Can you?

Feel free to join me at
If you are ready for online gaming as a sure winner to money making and having fun at the same time!

So to know how to count cards, know all its card counting techniques and MIT card counting strategies, you must know how to card count and I will show you in my resources at

Come and play lots of free poker games - no sign up or money required!. Plenty of table poker and poker solitaire games to choose from.


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