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Pro Wrestling News - Wwe's Drug Free Cm Punk

Finally, WWE's straight edge superstar CM Punk is getting the fair shake that he deserves. He is clearly a main event level player, and his gimmick will get over huge once WWE actually starts to give him the microphone a bit more. CM Punk winning the Money in the Bank title shot is perhaps the best and most correct decision the WWE has ever made.

CM Punk's wrestling character and indeed his real life personality is that of a straight edge lifestyle. He abstains from alcohol, drugs and promiscuous sex. The fact that he abstains from drugs is a part of his angle gives him huge potential. If he wins the title, he could actually give the WWE some of the good press that it desperately needs.

The WWE is known for having many 'larger than life' characters. There are tons of steroid accusations, as well as speculation. Accompanying this is the current media frenzy to uproot any professional athletes who may be on steroids or other performance enhancing drugs. CM Punk can combat this and reverse the stereotype once and for all.

CM Punk should oppose all of the big WWE superstars one by one after he cashes in his Money in the Bank contract and wins the WWE Title. He should slay goliath again and again, claiming that his hard work and determination can trump any advantages his opponents may have against him. They could show videos where CM Punk is training, juxtaposed by his opponent partying and drinking in clubs after shows.

The beauty of it all is that CM Punk's character is so realistic, so positive and so resilient that the WWE doesn't even really have to do much. Just put a title on him to give him the attention that he deserves, give him a microphone and let him run with it. CM Punk's character writes all the stories for itself, especially in the often

times cartoonish and unrealistic world of professional wrestling.

The WWE can portray CM Punk as the ultimate foil to the club that has dominated the main event in the organization for nearly 3 decades now. He can put a nail in the coffin of the large, roided out WWE talent and prove that realistically sized athletes can put on just as good a show (or even a better one!) as their larger counterparts. More importantly, he can inspire a generation of youngsters to embrace the straight edge lifestyle and not get involved in drugs.

WWE can't put the title on CM Punk yet, though. He hasn't had enough build up and hype. They first need to transfer him over to RAW, the WWE's flagship show, in order to tease cashing in his Money in the Bank title shot for a serious belt, instead of the joke ECW Title. They need to gradually build up his credibility on RAW, with CM Punk going on a winning streak but refusing to cash in his title shot until he feels that he's ready. Videos should be shown of CM Punk constantly training and practicing for his eventual WWE Title Shot, finally culminating in the main event of a major PPV spectacle. Punk would win the belt and I would go to sleep happy that night.

And a generation of young fans sitting in the stands would chant that they were proud to be drug free.

For more information on Professional Wrestling or CM Punk, check out my Pro Wrestling website as well as my CM Punk site. My pro wrestling blog can be found here

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