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What Is The Use Of Poker Avatars?

Ever since the creation of the earliest online poker rooms, there have been special images or "avatars" designed to represent each of the players at the table. But what is the history of these avatars, and does the choice of your avatar change the way your opponents perceive your style of play?

Poker avatars at different rooms.

The use of avatars at poker rooms can be split up into 3 separate groups:

  • Rooms that do not allow you to choose your own avatar.
  • Rooms that allow you to choose an avatar from a selection of avatars.
  • Rooms that allow you to create and upload your own avatar.

The first type of room that does not allow you to choose an avatar to represent you at the table is quite a rare breed. There are still a few rooms that actually do not even have characters at the table, which means that you are solely represented by you username and your chips stack.

The most popular room that allows you to choose an avatar from a selection is Full Tilt Poker. This room has a nice set of around 90 cartoon avatars for you to choose from, with each suited to different personalities.

The next step up is a room like PokerStars, which allows you to upload you own images that can be displayed above your name whilst you play. This makes your player account at the room even more individualistic, as it may well be the case that no other player has the same avatar as you.

Does your avatar affect the way your opponents play against


In my honest opinion, I highly doubt that your player avatar (at rooms that allow you to choose your own) will have any significant affect on the way your opponents perceive your style of play. Of course a custom avatar may be a slight reflection on your personality, but I highly doubt that any player is going to change their strategy when they are in a pot with you because of an image that is representing you at the table.

If you are letting your opponents' avatars get in the way of playing a healthy game of poker, you really need to start looking for the options menu to stop avatars from being displayed. You have a lot more important things to think about at the table than the graphics.

Which avatars are the best?

The avatar that you choose to represent you is purely down to personal preference, and so one avatar is not necessarily "better" than another. However, my advice would be to choose one that you can easily recognize, as this will help you to spot your position at the table if you are playing at multiple tables at a time.

In my opinion this is the only real strategical value of choosing an avatar, so pick one that stands out to you.

Nonetheless, this does not mean that you can't have fun choosing an avatar that you think best represents you at the poker table whilst you play. Check out the Full Tilt Poker avatars and see which one you think suits you the best.

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