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Game Of Skill Or Luck

There always has been, and there always will be the question of whether poker is a game of skill or luck. To many people, the answer is that is it both. To some degree, I guess it is. But for a highly trained poker player, the answer is clear: skill is the name of the game.

First you have to let go of one connection. Poker and gambling are not synonymous. Gambling is based solely on the luck of the draw. Gambling leaves you no control over what is going on, it's a bet and hope process. Poker is a strategic game. Every decision you make is based off of odds, tendencies of your opponents, pot size, implied odds, and reverse implied odds. In poker, you remain in control. You may not be in control over what cards come off the deck, but you definitely have control over how long you remain in the hand, and how much of your money goes into the pot.

Poker is different from other betting games in the fact that you are not playing against the house. Games designed to play against the house are structured for the house to always have the edge. They never have to make a real decision, they have rules that were derived from this 'edge', and therefore they can never be wrong. How does this make poker different? You are not playing against the house. You are playing against another person, or people, in which you may or may not

have the mathematical edge.

The skills that poker requires are simple. It is patience, knowledge, constant evolution of your skills, and some tools. You have to realize that poker, when referred to in the skill respect, is a long-term game. Everything is measured on a constant basis. You can be the best player and have losing days, and still be the best player. Most professional poker players did not get there because they are lucky. They study. They read literature by other professional players or mathematicians. They measure their success over time, always including the data from Day 1 to the present day. They utilize poker tracking software. They can tell you in their sleep which hands beat what. They can read the board and know instantly the top ten hands that can be made from that board, and where their current hand stands in the mix. They know their odds and are simultaneously measuring the actions of their opponent to make assumptions as to what they have. Gambling is a one-trick pony. Poker players make informed decisions. When you gamble you are guessing, and when you are playing poker, you are using the multi-layered knowledge that you have accumulated over time to make a statistical, educated choice.

Claud Colantonio,

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