A lot more Deuces Wild Online games

I have found several variations of deuces wild online recently. These games have slight differences from the traditional deuces wild that can be found on the homepage of this site.

When it comes to video poker overall, there are dozens of different games, but these games can be narrowed down to three basic types: Non-Wildcard games (Jacks or Better), One/two Wildcard games (Joker Poker) and Multiple Wildcard games (Deuces Wild).

Many times, the only difference between these video poker games is the pay schedule. For instance, I have found over 20 different versions of video poker that have a winning hand of Jacks or Better. You just need to read the pay chart to see which hands you should go after for the higher payout.

When it comes to the , however, the number of wilds available will determine what the lowest winning hand will be. The majority of the Deuces Wild variations will still have 4 wildcards, a 52 card deck, and you will need to receive a 3 of a Kind or better in order to win on your wager.

Other Deuces Wild Games

Bonus Deuces Wild

The Bonus in this game has to do with receiving 5 of a kind combinations. You will receive the normal 20x payout if you receive 5 of Kind in 6″s through King”s. You will receive a 40x payout if you receive 5 of a Kind in 3″s, 4″s, or 5″s. You will receive an 80x payout if you receive 5 Aces.

There is also an additional bonus hand; you can receive a 400x payout if you receive 4 deuces with an Ace as the fifth card.


In video poker, whenever you get a bonus for receiving a certain hand, the pay schedule will lower one or more of the payouts for other hands. In this case, receiving a Straight will only pay out Even Money. This means that you will have to receive a Flush or higher in order to win money on your bet.

When playing Bonus Deuces Wild, you may want to play the Double or Nothing side game that is often offered when you receive a 3 of a Kind or Straight. The Even Money payout means that you will only get the money you wagered back.

Most Double or Nothing games involve the computer flipping over a card. You will win by selecting a higher ranking card out of one of the four remaining cards. This is not always possible. When the dealer gets a Queen, King or Ace, the game will likely be over and you will lose the bet.

I would not suggest playing this side game if you receive a higher win than Even Money, nor would I suggest you try playing the side game twice in a row.

Loose Deuces

This video poker game has the same rules as Deuces Wild. The difference in the pay chart comes in the form of a bonus for receiving 4 Deuces. Instead of receiving a 200x payout, you will receive a 500x payout for receiving all four 2″s.


Because this is such a large bonus, the Straight Flush payout is reduced from 9x to 5x. Also, the payout for the Flush is reduced from 3x to 2x.

Wild 7″s

The one rule difference with this game is that the four 7″s in the deck are wild instead of the four 2″s. Besides this, the 4 of a Kind payout is raised from 4x to 5x and the Flush payout is lowered from 3x to 2x.


Deuces and Joker

This video poker game offers a total of 5 Wildcards. There are 4 wild deuces and 1 wild joker. The lowest winning hand is still a 3 of a Kind. However, many of the other payouts are lowered because of this additional wildcard.


A Note About Playing These Games

If you are going to play any variation of video poker, you need to know what hands you are going to try to receive to win a payout. If you don”t know which hands to go after, play the original deuces wild game and learn it before you try playing other variations.

Learn the Proper Strategy for Deuces Wild Poker

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