Arm Mouted Hidden Blade Xiphoid:video slots free download

best video slotsHAHAAHA, I just noticed how many dislikes there are. I really don’t care on this video, because it was the first attempt/idea. I have since refined it. View some of my newer videos. NEW DESIGN: Though similar and based off of Assassin’s Creed, it is not the same as the one in game. This is my first xiphoid, and as long as I can get materials, I will be creating more arm-mounted weapons. This one is powered by gravit, but has two slots for attaching a spring. I wanted the “blade” to retract, so I left it gravity powered. Oh, and you can see in the video that I don’t actually have a blade on there… because I don’t have the materials for one… BUT I will be mounting a blade if I do get the materials. Stay tuned for more weapons and possibly another flexibility video! (if I am not lazy) Also, I have made minor adjustments that keep the mechanism from sliding towards mt wrist and twisting on my arm. It works flawlessly, and can be deployed with a closed fist. (Done after making this video, so it’s not in the video) I almost forgot! Here is a link to the song: www.newgrounds.comslot game online

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