This Week at CardRunners 02.27.12:triple video poker

video poker lessonsMONDAY Balbomb 2012: Hold’em Odyssey: Reg Tendencies One thing that hasn’t changed in online poker is how many of the Regulars all play alike. In this classroom style video, Balbomb discusses three main tendencies that many of the Regs share and how you can exploit them. ———————————————————- TUESDAY Chuck Bass Live Sessions: Wednesday LAG In this live session video, Chuck Bass illustrates some differences from his last video by fighting reg-infested waters on a Wednesday night. Miikka demonstrates how to properly play a hyper-LAG style versus good opponents. ———————————————————- WEDNESDAY D_Zoo Live Sessions: $200NL, Part 2 D_Zoo continues his $200NL four-tabling session on PokerStars. James shares his thoughts on how to approach the 6-max games as they continue to get more and more difficult. ———————————————————- THURSDAY Collin Moshman Leakfinder: $109 Turbos In this leakfinder video, the Moshman reviews a students play at two $109 9-man turbo SNGs on PokerStars. ———————————————————- FRIDAY Foldngst8n High Stakes Friday: 5/10 6-Max PLO, Part 6 Foldngst8n concludes with the sixth and final installment of his 5/10 PLO series on iPoker. This week, Benjamin discusses bet sizing, hand reading, bluffing the river, and more. ———————————————————- SATURDAY Matthew Janda 2012: Hold’em Odyssey deuces wild video poker

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