crossfire crate gp and zp crate opening:video slot casino

online casino video i saved up 16000 gp and bought 10 crates. from then on i got money from the crates and bought more crates until i ran out of money. i think i opened a total of twenty-eight crates maybe more maybe less. i also had two zp crates i had been saving, one was an m4a1 custom crate and a kriss crate. i will do another one of these videos once i get 16000 gp again. heres a list of all the stuff i got. x4 grenade expansion slots x8 speed setup/defuse kit x7 global risk (tag) x3 sitting fire (spray) x4 flash guard x4 psg-1 x9 peeping tom (spray) x3 famas x1 scar heavy two cf coupons x1 carnage (tag) x1 chaos (tag) x5 greater good (spray) x1 mp5 gp collected from crates: x6 500gp x13 100gp x1 10000gp x3 1000gp x5 two-hundred gp xtwo 5000gp next crate opening will be released on november twenty- eighth, twenty deagle crates will be opened and lets hope i get a deagle. www.gaminglagoon.comwin slots

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