Borderlands: ALL Clap Trap Locations / Fully Loaded Achievement Guide With Repair Kit Locations:free video slots

videos slotsI may use explicit language once or twice, fyi. This is the first full video guide to all clap trap locations as well as their repair kits. There are a total of 10 claptraps each giving you 3 bag slots. You MUST Do it on Playthrough 1. Playthrough 2 gives you grenade mods (occasionally a lucky few will get more slots but that is a glitch). The Old Haven claptrap can only be accessed once you have completed “not without my claptrap” All songs are listed at the end of the video. Remember many claptraps guide you to a box so follow them. If you are using the Xbox 360 platform it will also get you the Fully Loaded Achievement and a trophy on the PS3 Platform. Message me if you need help with anything. Yes I know I might not have the best quality since I use a camcorder but I get to the point and show you where everything is. Just so you know, this was filmed using a camcorder on a foot stool standing on a pullout bed from a basement couch. I did not feel like looking for my tripod which was…. is still packed away somewhere. If you care more about the quality than seeing where everything is, then leave my video. Don’t like the music? leave. Yes I know I rushed and spelled 1 or 2 things wrong. Nemero and I put an S at the end of Cave. Sometimes you may see 1 or two other names in the game, I was powerleveling some people during the making of some recordings.
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