Pokémon Platinum – How To Clone Pokémon Guide:video slots free download

new video slotsPokémon Platinum for Nintendo DS (No$gba in this case) How to clone pokémon guide. In this video i will clone “Rotoms” to get all the rotom forms after. NOTE: You’ll have to cheat to clone them. If you don’t want to use cheats it’s gonna be impossible to clone pokémon, only through a game glitch or another way that isn’t revealed yet…nintendo event. You’ll also need some junk pokemons you don’t like (Ex: Bidoof, starly, wurmple, etc) – First You’re Gonna need to have the pokémon you want to clone, “AND” the junk pokemons (example: If you want to clone your piplup five times you’ll need 5 junk pokemons(caught or traded doesn’t matter). – Second You’re Gonna need an Action Replay if you’re playing on Nintendo DS. If you have a no$gba emulator like me you won’t need any cheat device. – Third You’ll have to activate the cheat (For no$gba users do the following): – Click On “Utility” in the tools bar of the emulator, then click on “CHEATS”. Click on “Add New”, Enter the code on the biggest rectangle box then write a description for you to know on the smallest one. Choose the cheat device (For this case it’s Action Replay DS, because it’s an AR code) and then hit OK and you’re done. Now click on the small cube to check your cheat and you’ll activate it. IF you’re experiencing any problems please contact me by sending a personal message by youtube or posting a comment to this video. – Guide – *I recommend you to save the game before you try to do this as something may go wrong slot game online

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