Borderlands – Soloing Crawmerax The Not So Invincible:video slots

video slots with bonus roundsJust showing you how I solo Crawmerax, and how you can too. Before you ask, yes the Aries is a modded weapon, a friend of mine duped it for me. My found Aries (see my inventory) isn’t, but I’m showing you with the modded one to make the vid go by faster. And the 100 Backpack slots is due to a removed glitch in the game, only worked in version 1.0 and is no longer possible. NO MODS WERE EVER USED ON THIS CHARACTER. Level 61 Mordecai ————– Crawmerax is best fought in a full game of 4 players because the drop rates are 4x higher. However, if you dont have any friends online, or you’re simply playing by yourself, or you’re tired of those dicks joining, stealing all the loot and leaving, then heres a way you can fight Crawmerax by yourself. All you’ll need is: * A level 61 Character * A High Level Shock, Corrosion, and Incindiary Weapon (I use Aries, Defiler and Volcano) * Transfusion Grenades and/or life heal/steal abilities (Aries lifesteals) * 2000 Capacity sheild or better Theres a particular spot that protects you both from Crawmerax, and his worms, and all their ranged attacks. Most people would hide in the spot by the rock wall and glitch Craw out, but this doesnt always protect you from his worms, or craw’s ranged attack (If he uses it). From this particular spot you can crouch underneath the overhanging rock and be completely protected from ranged projectiles. Also since you’re a few elevations down you’re completely protected from any melee attacks. The only slots online

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