runescape grand exchange guide-set merchanting:online video slots

new video slotsI made 110m in 4 months with 20k capital! i know this way of merchanting-set merchanting- since 2 weeks after release of grand exchange.after quitting I started with 20k in april again and I did 110m with set merchanting in 4 months. In my opinion,set merchanting is the best way of merchanting from 5m till 100m. enjoy my set merchanting guide =) w00t 10k views!! 😀 thx to schnauzze(quitted) RuneScape is a registered trademark of JaGeX Limited. I am not associated with them. This video was made for entertainment purposes only. btw 15m possible :D(i did 8m in 3h) frequently asked questions: 1.which sets can i use for set merchanting? you can merch following sets: saradomin,zamorak,guthix; black g,black t,addy g,addy t,rune g, rune t; Barrows; mystic,infinty,enchanted set,wizard set g,wizard set t; all dragonhide sets gilded armor ,dragon,rockshell 2. does this also work for f2p? it also works in free worlds,but you have less items for merchanting and only 2 slots to buy and sell. 3.does it matter if the price is going up or down? it can sometimes mater when the set is much falling or increasing. 4.Is there a 4h rule? yes there’s a 4h rule,but i doesnt work neither for set nor decant merchanting.When you merch this way you create new items so it is impossible that the 4h rule can casino slots

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