KH2FM – Christmas Sora & Mickey x4 Vs. Pete:video slots

on line video slotsNOTE: Read description before posting comment questions or whatever else idiots post. Note: This is the only area this works in. You also cannot do more than two bosses with this (at this time I’ve only tested same boss, I have a feeling stuff like Sephiroth x2 + Terra x2 wouldn’t work at all). Credit goes to Antiweapon for finding the digits for the useable slots in this room. Only FF characters (besides Sephiroth) work like this. Merry Christmas. I wanted to a video that’s SOMEWHAT related to Christmas, though I’m not really a holiday person. So I did a hacked fight with Christmas Sora, though that’s not what you’ll probably notice the most. Instead, it’s Pete. Boy does Mickey get pissed when people intrude in his castle. Pete got his ass handed to him. It went to 4 minutes because I was playing it off a copy of my LV1 file, testing out my new memory card. Or else I’d have won sooner. Song is Moonlight Wilderness from Tekken 5. —- Note: Don’t ask me for codes. Go to and find them, I don’t have time to tutor people on how to use codes or what is what etc. Note 2: Don’t request hacked fights. I probably won’t do it. I get far too many requests now. Note 3: If you didn’t read these and got insulted by another member or myself, it’s your fault. Learn to read video descriptions before asking or trying to state your stupid comments.slot game online

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