röyksopp – What Else Is There ? [Original] with Lyrics:video slot games

video slots with bonus roundsjust click ^ ^ INFO ^ ^ 4 Lyrics,History,etc… Enjoy. It was me on that road But you couldn’t see me Too many lights out, but nowhere near here It was me on that road Still you couldn’t see me And then flashlights and explosions Road’s end getting nearer We cover distance but not together I am the storm, I am the wonder And the flashlights … nigthmares … sudden explosions I don’t know what more to ask for I was given just one wish It’s about you and the sun A morning run The story of my maker What I have and what I ache for I’ve got a golden ear I cut and I spear What else is there? Roadend`s getting nearer We cover the distance not together if I am the storm if I am the wonder …will I have flashlights, nightmares and sudden explosions ? There is no room where I can go and You’ve got secrets … too I don’t know what more to ask for I was given just one wish ======================== “What Else Is There?” is the third single from the Norwegian duo Röyksopp’s second album The Understanding. * It features the vocals of Karin Dreijer Andersson from the electronica duo The Knife. The album was released in the UK with the help of Astralwerks. ** The video features model Marianne Schröder(Norway) with a cameo by Karin Dreijer Andersson. In the video it is SCHRÖDER who is depicted to be performing the song, not Dreijer (short apperance with an apple). ** The music video was directed by Martin de Thurah, the CADS Music Vision Award winner for the best new Director. * The free flash video slots

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