Mega Man Star Force 2 All Tribe Codes IN ENGLISH:online video slot

videos slotsA video showing all the input codes to all tribe forms. Even Tribe King, in English. I’d like it if we could be brothers, but my brother slots are full. Sorry. EDIT: Actually, I’d like a Zerker, because I only have one Zerker, and it’s my Auto bro. Okay, since some people don’t understand, let me put down what I got from Gamewinners, ANd whoever got those codes, thanks. The targets in the input screen should be like a grid, so heres the grid I got from Gamewinners. AEIMQ BFJNR CGKOS DHLPT The codes are… DINOSAUR/SAURIAN FORM IMFCGO SHINOBI/NINJA QRICAE BERZERK/ZERKER NIFCDG TRIBE KING ICGOSL Enter the codes, on the input screen, like how it would be on the grid above. Hard to explain, but you should be able to infer.super slots

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