Twilight + Totally and Completely Random:video poker tipsr

video poker practiceThis account is no longer in full use. If you would like to subscribe, then I will be uploading current videos @ the channel: xEternallyDazzled. Sequel is up! Hahhaa I think the title explains this one. It was so damn fun to make. Like I said at the end of the video, all the stuff used is credited here. I make no profit and no copyright is intended. And this may not make you laugh. But you are demented if you thought this wasn’t random 🙂 Notes || Yeah, everyone uses Jizz in My Pants. Why does that mean I can’t? Clips/Songs/Audio Used 1.Twilight/Charlie the Unicorn 2.Twilight/Youtube user CommunityChannel’s “We Just Touched Awkwardly” song 3.Twilight 4.Twilight/Charlie the Unicorn 2 5.Twilight/I’m On a Boat by the Lonely Island 5.5. Twilight/Friends – Episode (The One after the Superbowl Part 1) 6.Twilight/This is Why I’m Hot by Mims/The Simpsons 7.Little Ashes/Poker Face by Lady Gaga 8.Twilight/Robert Pattinson Variety Interview 9.Little Ashes Clip(Behind the Scenes?) hahahahahahahahahahaha. 10.Twilight/Robert Pattinson Interview 11.Twilight/Jizz in My Pants by the Lonely Island 12.Twilight/Anchorman (credit to: TwilighterEmma) 13.Twilight/Jeff Dunham – Achmed the Dead Terrorist 14.Twilight/Anchorman (credit to: TwilighterEmma) 15.Twilight/Anchorman (credit to: TwilighterEmma) End Song: Alekseyvanin’s Poker Face Rock Cover The bits of Anchorman were NOT my idea, I’ve gotten a few comments/messages about this and frankly it pisses me off because I never said I created strategy video poker

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