KH2FM – Terra x5:video slot casino

video slots gameNOTE: Read description before posting comment questions or whatever else idiots post. Note: This is the only area this works in. You also cannot do more than two bosses with this (at this time I’ve only tested same boss, I have a feeling stuff like Sephiroth x2 + Terra x2 wouldn’t work at all). Credit goes to Antiweapon for finding the digits for the useable slots in this room. Download (No Music): Download (Music): Even though Antiweapon already did this, I felt like trying it. It’s literally impossible. This is the best I’ve done out of like 20 tries. I managed to kill one Terra, but die shortly after. I wasted about 2 elixers and a Drive Form, but two elixers wouldn’t be enough to take out a 4th one, not to mention 3 other ones left still would totally be impossible with nothing. The method I came up with to take out one is to take advantage of the free movement you get at the beginning. Attack a Terra and try to get 3 finishers in, Finishing Rise/Leap being the last one. By then the defense will be shattered, so unleash a Trinity Limit at the Terra. However, make sure the Trinity Limit hits the Terra while he’s a decent amount in the air. After the first part of the Limit, drop down and mash an Elixer on yourself fast as you can, and then quickly do one more hit of the Limit before the Terra becomes invincible. If done right, his defenses will still be down and you’ll get ANOTHER chance to Trinity Limit right after. After that you slot games

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