Double Remix: Tie Me Down and Every Girl – Lil Crazed’s Verse:deuces wild game

deuces wild card gameBoth have now been leaked. “Tie Me Down” Remix – Lil Crazed and Skip “Every Girl” Remix – Lil Crazed, Sunny P, Skip, and Eazy Lyrics: (Crazed) “Tie Me Down” ~u aint gotta prove it, i know ya down, but sorry lil mama i cant let ya hold the crown, cuz i aint ready to be steady in relationship, you’re my favorite but aint no changin it, cuz my, lifestyle too wild to even try to tame, and even if i tried to change, it wouldnt work, i’ll be a band aid, patch it up n it’ll still hurt, and you’ll just look for a New Boy and say “you’re a jerk,” i’m a flirt yeah ma i admit it, they say love is war, i’m a Soldier with “No Limit”, uh ughh, na na na na, if u try to tie me down, nah nah nah nah, i cant have it, i have this bad habit, to keep adding, i passed mathematics, i love when we lay, i aint lying now, but bay bay i gotta say you aint gon’ tie me down “Every Girl” ~wassup ma? i’m the dude with a crew so ruthless, and i will aim it in ya pocket see you want that poolstick with me theres no lose lose, no double deuces, (cache 22) i just buck buck, another name for what a moose is, whos this? a question you see that they never ask, and i dont fuck with hoes cuz i can simply get some better ass, a body mature and graduated, she got better “class”, freaky with that 69, like the right side of a number pad, summers back, so you know it’s about to get hot, pour that henny it’s a rap (wrap) i aint talkin hip hop, we gon’ get this shit pop-pin, like mary, scary deuces wild video poker

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