Team Fortress 2 Prop Hunt Funny Moments:video poker slots

best video slotsHow could I not make a Prop Hunt video? There’s just so many funny things that happen! Well, one reason I wouldn’t make a Prop Hunt video, is I totally forgot to record like half the games I played of Prop Hunt, but hey, that’s my fault anyway. So, this could have possibly been funnier, but it is what it eats. I also debated on how to combine the vids; I was going to show the first funny part then transition to me living (since it’s funnier if I live than if I die), but I realized that splitting the clips in half (or more), removing the boring parts in between the interesting parts, and sticking a clip of another game in between provides variety, which helps keep it from being too boring, and gives me a good transition from the first half to the second half of the split videos. For those who are curious and have never played Prop Hunt (based off the servers I usually play on): There are two teams; the red team are all scouts, and the blue team can be either a pyro or a heavy. The scouts turn invisible once the game starts, and they have a random object attached to them. The blue team is locked in place for 20 seconds usually, the end of which they are free to move. The blue team’s goal is to kill all the scouts, and the red team’s goal is to survive until time runs out. The scouts can rotate their “prop” by holding LMB, and can lock it in place by holding RMB. They can’t shoot, except the last scout alive gets a scattergun. The blue team hurts themselves when they attack slot game

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