KH2FM – Final Fantasy Fights:free video slots online

online casino video slotsNOTE: Read description before posting comment questions or whatever else idiots post. Note: This is the only area this works in. You also cannot do more than two bosses with this (at this time I’ve only tested same boss, I have a feeling stuff like Sephiroth x2 + Terra x2 wouldn’t work at all). Credit goes to Antiweapon for finding the digits for the useable slots in this room. Only FF characters (besides Sephiroth) work like this. Download: I’m sure a lot of people wanted to see these kind of fights. So I decided to try them out. Of course, all of them are super easy because of Disney Castle’s Battle Level. They all also have very low HP and can be taken out in one combo. So with that said I let them attack me for a minute before finishing them off. Their attacks are so weak I just stopped boosting my defense after I did the first one (Cloud’s was actually the first I did). Here’s a small summary of each part: Yuffie x5: More annoying than anything else. Immune to magic (except Reflega), but still not hard to take out. Tifa x5: She’s very agressive. But for some reason her Final Heaven here is very weak, weaker than her kicks. Not sure why that’s the case. Leon x5: Leon doesn’t do too well in this room. I’m willing to bet he was programmed to run to the exact center of the room before doing an actual move, but since the Cornerstone is in the way, he never quite gets there. So most of the time he just circles the Cornerstone until you either get too slot game online

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