Kingdom Hearts – Poker Face:win video poker

video poker jackpotYup! just as the title of the video says. Sora, Luxord, Axel and Larxene play poker! XD This video is probably my biggest video i have ever edited. I used about 30 video tracks to make this one. Hope you guys like this one! more videos will be coming out. Slowly but surely! song – Poker Face by Lady GaGa ALL clips from *BLEHHH! sry about the quality. DISCLAIMER: THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FAN-MADE AND IS IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH THE MUSICAL ARTIST OR GAME COMPANY. Enjoy! #99 – Top Favorited (Today) – Film & Animation #91 #45 #43 #100 – Top Rated (Today) – Film & Animationvideo poker deuces

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